42MM Solid Titanium And Steel Cases UK Tudor Pelagos Replica Watches For Diving Purpose

Pelagos collection is mainly designed for professional divers. The brilliant Tudor Pelagos watches knockoff have very strong water-resistant functions. Their 42mm cases are made from steel and titanium materials. And their flexible and secure bracelets are also made from titanium. So the timepieces have a great sturdiness. Then the wrist watches are driven by Cal. MT5612, self-winding mechanical movements certified by COSC. The accurate Swiss movements provide approximate 70-hour power to the practical functions.

There are white luminescent indexes and dots as hour markers on the neat blue dials. Their iconic hour and minute hands are enlarged and also carried with white luminescence in the center showing the time. Then there is a date indicator set at 3 o’clock. The hard sapphire-crystal glasses can protect the delicate dials well. Besides, the 42mm cases are also equipped with unidirectional rotating bezels. The titanium bezels are covered with matte blue ceramic rings whose 60-minute scales are white luminescent.

Tudor copy watches with Swiss automatic movements are also equipped with helium escape valves at 9 o’clock because the wrist watches have an excellent waterproofness reaching 500m deep. So the valves can help to keep the pressure balance. The whole appearances are concise and classic, filled with masculine feelings and tough styles. They would be hot-welling on the market.

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