Nicky Wu Also The Big Fan Of Audemars Piaget Royal Oak Replica Watches

As a model of middle aged people, Nicky Wu now really under great success i his family as well as his career. Last year he was on the hot discussion about his marriage with Liu Sisi. The weeding ceremony also attract lots of attention in whole3 country. Recently, we got the news that he was very busy in TV series making. So it is very precious to seen him on the social media.

Days age, he was showed in Shanghai for a business meeting. At there he was spotted worn with a rose gold case Audemars Piaget Royal Oak copy watch. Although he worn a simple black and white shirt, still can not stop his charming characters and good taste. The watch he worn with is showing with great beauty and luxury features.The blue dial Audemars Piaget fake watches are apply with a small calendar at half past four o’clock. The glass is a anti-reflective blue sapphire crystal and case back. Water resistance is to 50 meters. The caved rose gold “Grande Tapisserie” set to make a decoration. The time function of the hour, second, minute and date.Nicky Wu is a chic man with super good taste. He is also a man who full of responsibility for his family. The fantastic fake watches are very good designs, and suit for all men to try.

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