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Replica Blancpain L-Evolution-R Chronographe à Rattrapante Grande Date

When most of us think of Blancpain, the first image that comes to mind is most likely one of the brand’s iconic Fifty Fathoms divers’ Replica Watches, or something elegant and ultra-complicated from its Villeret collection. But there is a third, sportier line in Blancpain’s portfolio that receives substantially less attention and, arguably, less adoration from watch aficionados: the L-Evolution, a series innately tied in with Blancpain’s sponsorship of the Super Trofeo racing series, and with Lamborghini, the luxury Italian sports car marque whose racing machines populate its field.

The Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo, the product of a union between these two power brands, was first run in May 2009 and was initially a Europe-only series, featuring 30 cars. Since then it has expanded to Asia and the U.S., and 2015 marked the first year that the Super Trofeo Finals were held here in the States, at Florida’s legendary Sebring International Racetrack, home of the  12 Hours of Sebring. This year’s field boasted no less than 84 cars, with participants from Europe, Asia, and America. I was privileged to receive an invitation from Blancpain to attend the Super Trofeo Finals in Sebring, and for this longtime admirer of Lamborghini cars, it was, needless to say, an exciting experience — made even more special by the wrist companion that I coaxed from Blancpain for the weekend’s events: the Blancpain L-Evolution-R Chronographe à Rattrapante Grande Date. In short, the experience has made me much more an advocate of this oft-overlooked collection from this centuries-old Swiss manufacture.

 Blancpain_Replica Watches  

The model I wore and reviewed was Ref. xxxxx, with a case that combines vibrant 5N rose gold with carbon fiber. To me, this marriage of classical elegance with cutting-edge-tech rarely works, but I found it very appealing here — and appropriate to the watch’s motorsport-inspired theme, as carbon fiber is used regularly in the world of auto racing due to its high tensile strength, sturdiness, light weight, and resistance to high temperatures. Carbon fiber, with its telltale light checkerboard pattern, is also used for the caseback and for the dial. The motif is continued on the black, overstitched alcantara strap, which incorporates carbon inserts. A particularly attractive detail is the carbon-fiber insert that punctuates the gold buckle, further marking the L-Evolution as a luxury timepiece that’s not afraid to show its sporty side.

 Blancpain_L-Evolution_wrist_flag_Replica Watches

More on that dial: the Lamborghini and auto racing-inspired aesthetic touches are very much in evidence and yet surprisingly subtle, especially to those who may not have attended a Super Trofeo race. The numerals “12” and “9” at their respective hour positions are executed in the same font used to identify the Lamborghini cars in the race. The large date display at 6 ‘clock uses a digital-type numeral font that evokes the one on the electronic clocks used to time laps at racetracks. The use of red — for the borders of the hour numerals and the 2 o’clock chronograph pusher — is a nod to Lamborghini, and the split-seconds pusher at 8 o’clock is shaped like a gas cap. Finally — and this one actually took me more than a day to notice — the counter at 9 o’cl0ck is in the shape of Lamborghini’s badge.


The automotive aesthetic also finds its way to the movement, Blancpain’s automatic Caliber 69F9, which incorporates an incredible 409 parts, including 44 jewels, and which Blancpain has obligingly put on display underneath a sapphire caseback window. The big winding rotor resembles the wheel of a racecar’s tire, and the decorative finishes echo the high-tech look of the cheap replica watch’s exterior: bead-blasted two-tone material on various parts and straight graining on the NAC bridges imparting an anthracite look.


While the overall look is decidedly sporty, this watch’s movement offers a level of complication comparable to that of many of the brand’s more elegant haute horlogerie timepieces. Its chronograph mechanism is governed by a column wheel (which ensures precise pusher control) and a vertical-coupling clutch mechanism (which helps to prevent unwanted jerking of the chronograph hand upon activation. Having used the stopwatch at various points during the racing weekend, I can report that these functions performed admirably.

Of course, the chronograph mechanism itself is among the most complicated of its kind; it includes not only a flyback feature (in which the elapsed seconds hand can be stopped, returned to zero and restarted instantly with a single push of a button) but also a “rattrapante” or split-seconds function (explained further here), which is a useful and eminently sensible addition to a watch whose DNA is rooted in auto racing. To record split times, such as those of various racecars completing laps, one simply activates the chronograph with the red pusher at 2 o’clock to start the chronograph sweep-seconds hand, and the split-seconds hand superimposed directly underneath it, on their lap around the dial. Press the pusher at 8 o’clock to stop the bottom hand to record a split time; the top hand continues moving. Press the 8 o’clock pusher again and the bottom (split-seconds) hand will jump to instantly catch up to the top (sweep-seconds) hand and begin timing a new interval. To return all hands to zero, simply apply a firm press to the gold pusher at 4 ‘clock.


The Blancpain L-Evolution-R Chronographe à Rattrapante Grande Date (the “R” marks it as part of the “racing” collection; mainstream L-Evolution Swiss replica watches don’t include quite so much direct Lamborghini design influence) is very comfortable to wear despite its weight; this is owed partly to the relatively lightweight carbon fiber parts balancing out the weighty rose gold elements, but mostly, in my opinion, to the aforementioned alcantara strap. Alcantara is the extraordinarily comfy material used for the interior of Lamborghini cars like the Aventador, and once you’ve had it caressing your wrist for a few days — attached snugly with the folding rose-gold clasp — you may wish, as I did, that all fake watches UK were equipped with such straps.


As one might expect, based on not only the materials but the highly complicated chronograph movement (and let’s not discount the mechanics required for the big date), the Blancpain Blancpain L-Evolution-R Chronographe à Rattrapante Grande Date carries a daunting sticker price, at least for non-Lamborghini owners: $52,500. On the other hand, it’s hard to not consider it justified for a timepiece that so deftly marries motorsport-inspired high-tech materials and design with the highest levels of Swiss mechanical watchmaking.

Smart Replica Watches UK boom and economic gloom

Top Replica Watches — Our editor-in-chief looks back on an eventful year for the industry

 2015review-Replica Watches

One of the biggest upsets of the year for the industry came at the very start of 2015 in the middle of one of the industry’s biggest exhibitions of the year. Barely was the SIHH under way when the Swiss National Bank announced without any warning that it was abandoning the artificial peg that had been keeping the CHF/Euro exchange rate at 1.20. At a stroke, the franc plummeted to near parity with the euro – a devaluation of over 20% that made Swiss exports more expensive. The Swiss fake watch industry was quick to react in different ways, among the first being Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, who quickly adjusted prices in the brand’s Swiss outlets back to the previous rates.

The subject has since largely been forgotten and even at Baselworld 2015 it had to vie for attention with the other major topic of the year – the smartwatch. Frédérique Constant had drawn the first battle lines on behalf of the Swiss watch industry back in September 2014, just one week after Apple had presented the watch that was set to strike fear into the heart of the industry, at least if you believed the company’s design guru Johnny Ive. Montblanc followed at the start of the year with its “e-strap”, which allows you to add “smart” functionality to any traditional timepiece, whether or not it is by Montblanc. Other big names followed suit at Baselworld, with Bulgari presenting watches linked to a secure vault hidden in the Swiss alps, Gucci announcing a collaboration with musician Will.i.am that has yet to see the light of day and TAG Heuer staking out its territory with Intel and Google. The Carrera Connected born of this partnership only saw the light of day in November, yet its success has even surprised the company’s far-from-cautious CEO Jean-Claude Biver.


Frédérique Constant Horological Smartwatch. © Frédérique Constant

In fact, the announcement of TAG Heuer’s version of the smartwatch was just one in a very long line of stops on the 2015 Biver marketing campaign. From the Bundesliga to bird ladies, the Carrera Panamericana, numerous new ambassadors, new skis – all built around the social media-driven “#DontCrackUnderPressure” slogan, the brand closed the year with a sponsorship bombshell, ending its 30-year partnership with the McLaren Formula 1 team in favour of a new partnership with Red Bull Racing. The new partnership even gives TAG Heuer naming rights on the 2016 Red Bull Racing – TAG Heuer RB12, a twist that harks back to the days when McLaren engines also used to be branded by TAG.

 cheap Replica Watches sale

TAG Heuer Replica Watches has signed a new partnership with Red Bull Racing. © TAG Heuer

What started out as a mere currency-related “blip” in January gradually progressed into a full-blown economic downturn for the industry. Terrorist atrocities towards the end of the year led to massive cancellations of trips to Europe by Chinese luxury goods consumers, adding to woes in the domestic market and an absence of wealthy Russian tourists, who were being dissuaded from travelling abroad. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that the decline in Swiss Replica Watches exports steepened further towards the end of the year.

What does 2016 have in store for the watch industry. Find out in our article on the outlook for the industry on 4th January.

Vacheron Constantin – 2016 Top Replica Watches

The Cheap Replica Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art Fabuleux Ornements collection is an invitation to celebrate the ornamental beauties of the world drawn from the decorative arts of several cultures. Two year after its first launch, the collection unveils four new models born of the art of  openworking and a combination of artistic crafts bearing the Hallmark of Geneva.  Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches

Ten different master Artisans have provided reinterpretations of Ottoman architecture, Chinese embroidery, Indian manuscripts and French lacework. These creations are equipped with an ethereal hand-engraved movement: calibre ultra-thin 1003 in 18K gold Replica Watches. The finesse of the front-facing décor is precise to the nearest tenth of a millimetre, while on the back Vacheron Constantin has opted for an exclusively chamfered and hand-drawn finish that preserves a restrained appearance.UK Swiss Replica Watches

Traditional arts meet at the crossroads of different cultures. To highlight this exceptional know-how, the model “Indian manuscript” is created from the alliance of Grand Feu champlevé enameling and hand engraving. The “Ottoman architecture” timepiece is defined by hand chamfering, purple mother-of-pearl base and a gold grid work studded with half-pearl beads. The “French lacework” model is adorned with a translucent hand-guilloché Grand Feu enamelled dial. The base of the gold dial is clad in a guilloché motif lending subtle depth to the transparent enamel and set with garnet-colored sapphires and diamonds. The fourth timepiece “Chinese embroidery” is crafted in white gold according to the stonecloisonné technique with jade. The dial is sculpted from mother-of-pearl and features a pink opal shaped according to the glyptic art and complimented by finely hand engraved gold leaves and pistils.Vacheron Constantin Fake Watches

Vacheron Constantin Copy Watches

For 260 years, the Manufacture has consistently enhanced the beauty of its creations through artistic crafts. Hand engraving is one such technique. A demanding art calling for exceptional patience and dexterity, it was used right from the start as a means of achieving ethereal lightness. The first Replica Watches UK created by Jean-Marc Vacheron in 1755 already featured an openworked and engraved balance-cock. A master in the practice of this extremely intricate discipline, Vacheron Constantin has given free rein to its creativity, progressively openworking both simple and complicated calibres, associating them according to its inspiration with other artistic crafts.

Patek Philippe, Richard Mille & Rolex Replica Watches UK

Antiquorum’s December 15th auction of “Important Modern and Vintage Timepieces” in New York totaled $3,297,013. The exceptional collection of luxury timepieces sold 81% by lot and 108 % by value. Along with the many telephone, room, and commission bidders, there were nearly 900 registered internet bidders competing for the sought-after watches offered in the sale. Strong international participation came from China, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the United States.

Highlighting the sale was the exceptional Patek Philippe Ref. 5101 10 Day Tourbillon [lot 254]. The double sealed rare platinum chronometer with one-minute tourbillon regulator sold for $159,750 in the December auction.

Also eliciting interest from the international collector community, the Patek Philippe Ref. 5970 Sealed Chronograph Perpetual Calendar in White Gold [lot 251] similarly achieved $159,750.

Other rare Patek Philippe replica watches attained notable results in the sale. The Patek Philippe Ref. 5270 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph with Blue Sunburst Dial in White Gold [lot 249] brought $133,350; while the Patek Philippe Ref. 5575 Sealed 175th Anniversary “World Time Moon” in white gold [lot 110] attained $99,750. Furthermore, the Patek Philippe Ref. 3940 Perpetual Calendar in Platinum [lot 246] was acquired for $75,000.

“We saw spirited bidding from collectors worldwide in today’s sale,” said Saori Omura, New York Watch Director, Antiquorum. “We were especially pleased to see the competitive interaction between the room and internet bidders in our December auction resulting in some exceptional prices achieved for rare examples in pristine or untouched condition.”

Additionally, rare Richard Mille timepieces continue to drive important results at auction. The Richard Mille RM 010 LMT “Le Mans Classic” Protype in Pink Gold [lot 222] provoked a bidding war and ultimately sold to a Chinese phone bidder for $55,000; while the Richard Mille Ref. RM 011 AK T1 Felipe Massa Titalyt [lot 223] also drew global attention and sold to a room bidder for $75,000.

Exceptional replica Rolex watches remain popular with collectors. The Rolex Daytona Ref. 6241 Paul Newman in Steel [lot 237] captured bidders’ interest and sold for $85,000; and the Rolex Ref. 1802 Platinum Day-Date with Diamond Dial [lot 99] inspired fierce competition amongst collectors and attained $57,500, more than double its high estimate.

The anticipated Baume et Mercier “Capeland Shelby Cobra” Unique Piece in Red Gold drew attention from racing enthusiasts and timepiece collectors worldwide. The flyback chronograph with special auction package sold at its’ high estimate for $20,000.

“We are delighted by the exceptional result for the Baume et Mercier Capeland Shelby Cobra in our December auction,” said Evan Zimmermann, President & CEO of Antiquorum.”It is a pleasure for us to continue to do our part for charities across the globe and donate the proceeds from the sale of this piece to the Caroll Shelby Foundation, an organization that raises funds for families and children affected by heart disease.”

Antiquorum looks forward to our next auction on February 27 in Hong Kong featuring an impressive collection of modern and vintage timepieces.

The “top lots” for Antiquorum’s December 15th New York sale were as follows:

Lot 254 – PATEK PHILIPPE REF. 5101 10 DAY TOURBILLON DOUBLE SEALED PLATINUM Made in 2004. Extremely fine and very rare, rectangular and curved, Art Deco style platinum and diamond Chronometer wristwatch with one-minute tourbillon regulator, tandem mainspring barrels for 10-day power-reserve and a platinum Patek Philippe buckle. Accompanied by the original fitted box, Certificate of Origin, Chronometer rating certificate, leather folder with instructions, photos and technical specifications.

Sold for: 159,750 USD

LOT 251 – PATEK PHILIPPE REF. 5970 SEALED CHRONOGRAPH PERPETUAL CALENDAR WHITE GOLD. Made in 2007. Very fine, astronomic, water-resistant, 18kt white gold wristwatch with square button chronograph, register, perpetual calendar, moon phases, tachometer, sapphire crystal back and an 18kt white gold Patek Philippe deployant clasp. Accompanied by the original mahogany fitted box, blank Certificate of Origin, instruction manual, setting pin, and additional solid 18kt white gold case back.

Sold for: 159,750 USD

LOT 109 – PATEK PHILIPPE REF 5970 CHRONOGRAPH PERPETUAL CALENDAR PINK GOLD. Sold November 14th, 2005. Very fine, water-resistant, 18kt pink gold wristwatch with square button chronograph, register, perpetual calendar, moon phases, tachometer and 18kt pink gold Patek Philippe deployant clasp. Accompanied by the original fitted box, Certificate of Origin, leather folder and instruction booklet.

Sold for: 135,750 USD

LOT 249 – PATEK PHILIPPE REF. 5270 PERPETUAL CALENDAR CHRONOGRAPH BLUE SUNBURST DIAL WHITE GOLD. Sold on December 19th, 2014. Very fine and rare, large, water-resistant, 18kt white gold wrist Replica Watches UK with perpetual calendar, moon phases, square-button chronograph, register and an 18kt white gold Patek Philippe deployant clasp. Accompanied by the original fitted wooden box, Certificate of Origin, instructions, booklets, setting pin and a solid 18kt white gold case back.

Sold for: 133,350 USD


LOT 110 – PATEK PHILIPPE REF. 5575, SEALED 175TH ANNIVERSARY WORLD TIME MOON WHITE. Sold September 10th, 2015. Very fine and rare, self-winding, water-resistant, 18kt white gold Anniversary Edition wristwatch with world-time system, large center moon phases and an 18kt white gold Patek Philippe deployant clasp. Accompanied by the original fitted box, Certificate of Origin, Attestation, setting pin, booklets and a Commemorative 175th Anniversary medal.

Sold for: 99,750 USD

Lot 248 – PATEK PHILIPPE REF. 3970 DIAMOND DIAL. Made in 2002. Very fine and important, water-resistant, platinum wristwatch with round button chronograph, register, perpetual calendar, moon phases, leap year, 24-hour indication and an platinum Patek Philippe deployant clasp. Accompanied by a fitted wooden box, an extra solid platinum caseback, setting pin, and an Extract from the Archives.

Sold for: 87,500 USD

LOT 113 – PATEK PHILIPPE REF. 5975 175TH ANNIVERSARY CHRONOGRAPH PINK GOLD. Made in 2014 in a Limited Edition of 400 pieces to commemorate the 175th Anniversary of Patek Philippe (1839 to 2014), sold December 24th, 2014. Very fine and rare 18kt pink gold wristwatch with square-button chronograph, tachometer, telemeter, pulsometer and an 18kt pink gold deployant clasp engraved: Patek Philippe 1839 – 2014. Accompanied by the original wooden 175 Year box, pouch, Certificate of Origin, Attestation, Anniversary Medal and booklets.

Sold for: 87,500 USD

LOT 237 – ROLEX REF. 6241 PAUL NEWMAN STEEL Rolex. Made in 1968. Very fine and very rare, water-resistant, stainless steel wristwatch with anti-reflective black tachometer bezel, round button chronograph and registers and a Rolex Ref. 7835 stainless steel Oyster folded bracelet. Accompanied by a Rolex fitted box.

Sold for: 85,000 USD

LOT 95 – BREGUET SOUSCRIPTION SET NO. 34 YELLOW GOLD. Made in a small series in 1991 to celebrate Antiquorum’s Geneva auction “The Art of Breguet” in April 1991. Extremely fine, rare and important set comprising a minute-repeating, astronomic, 18kt yellow gold wristwatch with perpetual calendar, moon phases, 18kt yellow gold Breguet buckle and a large, keyless, astronomic, self-winding pocket Replica Watches with instantaneous calendar, moon phases and 45-hours power-reserve. Accompanied by a wooden presentation cabinet with winding provision for the wrist-watch and 2 certificates

Sold for: 81,250 USD

LOT 246 – PATEK PHILIPPE REF. 3940 PERPETUAL CALENDAR PLATINUM. Made circa 2000. Very fine and rare, self-winding, platinum wristwatch with perpetual calendar, 24 hour and leap year indication, moon phases and a platinum Patek Philippe deployant clasp.

Sold for: 75,000 USD

Christmas gifts The dream Replica Watches of our editorial staff

— When our in-house editorial team is asked to choose their dream Top Replica Watches UK without any constraints, an eclectic wish list emerge.

 Christmas gifts Replica Watches

Brice Lechevalier – Patek Philippe Replica Watches Nautilus Réf. 5711/1R
Buying an exceptional  Replica Watches involves preparation and requires a suitable environment that is capable of satisfying the rush of dopamine and endorphins that will ensue from the marriage of virile wrist and the new arrival. What better choice for Christmas than a cult model from an iconic brand that you don’t yet have in your collection? The magic starts when you walk through the doors of the Patek Philippe Salon in Geneva at this time of year. The welcome, the smiles, the decoration, showcases generously filled with universally acclaimed timepieces on five storeys of century-old walls all cause the tension to mount a notch. Out of professional familiarity, it’s a model from Baselworld 2015 that was featured in a GMT test bench who pheromones worked on me. Out of the box, after the first sensual contact with the wrist, the editor-in-chief is enraptured. The thousand sparkles of the gold bracelet with its polished links with satin-finished edges shine with the promise of daily complicity for the rest of my life, compatible with the fine and timeless silhouette of the self-winding Nautilus with chocolate dial. Champagne!

Patek Philippe Replica Watches

For Brice, the dream almost becomes reality. © Top Replica Watches – Brice Lechevalier

Paul O’Neil – Bovet Amadeo® Fleurier Braveheart® Tourbillon
It’s nice to be allowed to publish our dreams from time to time, especially since they are probably destined to remain just that. My wife fell in love at first sight with the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon (oblivious to the fact that it is most definitely a gent’s watch) but she is highly unlikely to find one under the Christmas tree. My dream watch follows along similar lines and, even in the unlikely event that one fell down my chimney this year, would probably spend very little time on my wrist. After a presentation from a watchmaker lasting nearly an hour I was totally captivated by the Bovet Braveheart. There are too many reasons to list why I love this watch, but here are six very good ones. It is the perfect concentration of innovation, technical prowess, watchmaking art and practicality. For the Bovet Amadeo® Fleurier Braveheart® Tourbillon, I would happily make an exception to my usual rule of regularly wearing all the watches I own.

bovet-amadeo-fleurier-braveheart Replica Watches

More than just a watch to be worn, the Bovet Braveheart is a veritable treasure for Paul. © Bovet

Camille Gendre – Piaget Altiplano Chronographe
When we first spoke about this “Watch of our dreams” article in the office, several models sprang to mind. Two selection criteria guided my choice: an elegant but contemporary design and a certain technical sophistication. With this in mind, the Swiss replica watch I would like to find under the Christmas tree is the Piaget Altiplano Chronograph. Its ultra-thin case houses a flyback chronograph movement with a second time zone function. It won the chronograph category at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève 2015 and is a double record holder: for world’s thinnest flyback chronograph movement and watch. Added to the technical prowess is a fine and understated design that I particularly like. Father Christmas, if you are reading this, I’m counting on you!

 Piaget Replica Watches

Camille is torn between the diamond-set white-gold version and the red-gold one. Santa, why not bring her both?! © Piaget Replica Watches UK

Isabelle Guignet – Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Black Enamel
There is something magical about Christmas and it is that we are allowed to dream and to see our dreams come true. My dream is to have a Jaquet Droz watch on my wrist. The Grande Seconde in black grand feu enamel, with an 18-carat red-gold dial. The off-centre hour and minute dial forms a figure of eight together with the large seconds subdial, a distinctive signature of the brand. The self-winding mechanical movement has a power reserve of 68 hours. The exceptional design of this fake watch and the expertise it contains underscore the refinement of horological mechanics.

 Jaquet Droz Replica Watches

Isabelle is dreaming of a magical Christmas with a Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde in black grand feu enamel under the tree. © Jaquet Droz Replica Watches

What a poisoned chalice from our editor-in-chief! It would have taken me less time to find a gift for somebody else than for myself. Among all the watches launched in 2015 I found it extremely difficult to find the one that I could dream of receiving from Father Christmas. After eliminating all of the Swiss replica UK watches that were too feminine in my eyes – too much mother-of-pearl, diamonds or pastel colours – I finally opted for the white gold Datograph Perpetual. Why a gent’s model? Because it is an A. Lange & Söhne, a watch of the utmost quality, with a design that is indeed sober, but also harmonious and pure, and because its movement is splendid and bewildering. I would love to have it on my wrist… but I am dreaming. I’m sure if Father Christmas had it in his sack, he would keep it for himself!

A. Lange & Söhne Replica Watches

Michèle would love to receive a Datograph Perpetual… but she no longer believes in Father Christmas! © A. Lange & Söhne Replica Watches